Craft is a near-obsession for me. I love to crochet and having mastered the basics I now create my own crochet patterns and have even sold a few online as PDF downloads. My makes are proudly posted, liked and commented on through instagram and other social media. One unexpected outcome of this has been gaining over 2000 followers and finding that they often act as a barometer for me when looking at upcoming trends in craft and gauging what makes my fellow crafters tick. 

My blog at is a spin-off from my interest in craft but I find maintaining it to be just as fun. There is an overwhelming desire when you have made something to shout out a great big ‘Tah-Dah!’ to the world!

Over the past years I have contributed content to five craft books with several of my original crochet patterns. I really enjoy seeing my creations in print and one day I would love to write a book or pattern collection of my own.